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Everyday Stranger

I am the one who just walked by you
But you didn’t notice me.
Laughing and joking with your friends,
Pretending to be free.

I am the one who was behind you
At the local grocery store,
Buying things in abundance and greed,
Never thinking of the poor.

I am the one who was on the corner
Everyday Stranger - Raising Sticky Hands To HeavenHanding out the tracks.
You tossed yours in the waste basket
And never once looked back.

I am the one who found you
On the cold, hard bathroom floor.
After a mix of “who knows what”,
You’d fallen against the door.

I’m the one who made the call
For help to come immediately.
For you to have another chance for salvation,
To God I made my plea.

I am the one God placed in your life
And I’ve seen you at random times.
I’ve often wondered “why me, God?
Their life is different than mine.”

You see, I am the one that God has chosen,
Though I am mortal man,
To trust enough to pray for you,
Because SALVATION is HIS plan.