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Hannah’s Prayer: 1 Samuel 1:1 – 2:11

Read about Hannah’s Prayer in the Bible! It can be found in the book of 1 Samuel 1:1 – 2:11.

In November 2000, my husband, Matt, and I decided that we wanted to try and have another baby. So I went off the birth control pill and we started the process of adding another child into the Williams household. Already having a daughter in the mix, I desperately wanted a little boy. Someone who looked like my husband, and had an imagination like Calvin from the comic strip Calvin & Hobbes. We had gotten pregnant pretty quickly with Sarah, so I expecting a quick turn around this time. Yet, every month I would either start my cycle or have a negative pregnancy test.


Feeling pretty discouraged I talked with my mom. She had read an article about Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). She thought I had that and wanted me to take the test in the magazine. So I did. It completely described me to a T. I went to my Dr with the article in hand, and discussed the problem with him. He thought there was also a good chance that I might have PCOS, and referred me to an Endocrinologist. The day of my appointment, Matt and I nervously went in to the new Dr. He wanted to have an ultrasound of my ovaries. Honest to God, they looked like a bag of marbles. He said, “You do have PCOS. Instead of producing eggs, your body is producing cysts. If you are going to have another child, it will have to be through fertility drugs.” He gave me a regime of pills to take to get my body back under control. During this time, I began to read the story of Hannah in 1 Samuel and felt her pain and longing for a son. I began to pray her prayer, as well as her praise. For even if I didn’t get a son, a still had a beautiful daughter whom God saw fit to give me.

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Three months later, we went back for a check up, to our dismay the pills he gave me didn’t work. He said that he wanted to start the fertility process with us. He gave us the run down of what that would entail. It seemed like there was so much to process at one time. Then he handed me a ton of prescriptions and told me to start taking them right away. One was to start my cycle, as I had not had one in 4 months. He said to me, “First take a pregnancy test. It will be negative, but better safe than sorry.”


Matt and I walked to our car like zombies. I looked at all of the prescriptions and said to him, “I don’t know if I want to do this.” He felt the same way. So we decided that we would spend 1 week praying and talking with our family regarding the fertility, as this would be a big deal to them too. So we did, we talked with people who had one child and asked the pros and cons, we also talked to quite a few only children. As the week wore on, Matt and I truly felt that God was telling us not to take the fertility drugs. Matt and I obeyed! It was not an easy thing to trust Him with this, but we did.


On September 10, 2001, I had lunch with our babysitter and told her our decision. She prayed with me and said that God was in control and we were doing good by listening. She also suggested that I take the pills to start my cycle as it had been too long since I had one. So I went and bought a test and had that prescription filled.


At 5:50 a.m., September 11th, Matt woke me up and asked me to listen to the new that a plane had hit the World Trade Center. So I got up, went to the bathroom, and took my pregnancy test. As the radio announcer said, “Oh my god, another plane just hit the 2nd tower!” I was looking at a positive pregnancy test. I was stunned. I grabbed the phone and desperately tried to call Matt. After 20 minutes he called me and asked what was going on. I told him I was pregnant. He said, “No, in the news. WHAT?!”


I really tried not to get myself excited over the test, because they had been wrong before. So I waited until my doctor’s office was open and went in for a blood test. One hour later, I got a call that I was truly expecting. It was a miracle. I recited Hannah’s praise right there at work. I always say 9/11/2001 was a very bittersweet day for me.


In May of 2002, I gave birth to our son, Lucas James Williams. He was 6 lbs. 9 oz., and 20 inches long. Yes, he kind of looks like Matt with the blond hair and hazel eyes, and acts very much like Calvin (I now understand Calvin’s mom). He also wants to be a firefighter and join the military, something he has said since he was 4.


Hannah's Prayer


I want to now fast forward to October 2013. I had the opportunity to take a tour in Israel. Our guide took us to Ramah, where Hannah and Elkannah lived. They recently found Hannah’s spring. Now I know in 1st Samuel the prayer written down took place in Shiloh, but also being in the situation Hannah was in, I could see her praying at this spring, as other mother’s bathed their children. Close by was a fig tree, and I could see her with Samuel on her knee teaching him about God. I began to weep and shared my story with the group. God is so good, and He gave each of us a small glimpse into scripture that touched us to the very core of our being.

Sherry - Hannah's Prayer

What was even better, was 2 days later, our guide took us to Ancient Shiloh, where they are uncovering the site of the Tabernacle. This is the place where Hannah cried out to God for a son. This is where Eli told her prayer would come true. The best thing about this is the day we went to Ancient Shiloh, we had a new guide, and he didn’t know about what I spoke at Hannah’s spring. So I received a double blessing on my trip. Isn’t it amazing that God cares about us so much that He will give us a special glimpse into His word. A story that I’ve heard hundreds of times, yet it has taken on a new meaning. Even now, as I read the first two chapters of first Samuel, I can see Hannah praying at the Tabernacle, I can see her teaching Samuel and she weaned him. I can see him running around the fig tree.

Tree - Hannah's Prayer

I want you know that even if you are going through a time of longing for a child, God is in control. It may mean fertility treatment. It may mean a miracle like mine, and so many others. God is in every one of our stories. I beg of you, listen for God’s voice. Read his word. There are numerous stories like Hannah in the Old Testament.


This is a view of the Outer Court — at Ancient Shiloh.

This is a view of the Outer Court — at Ancient Shiloh.

I have added pictures of Hannah’s spring, the fig tree near the spring, and Ancient Shiloh, where the tabernacle sat for nearly 400 years. The big stone square is the sacrificial altar they are digging up.


A view of the inner court and Holiest of Holies — at Ancient Shiloh.

A view of the inner court and Holiest of Holies — at Ancient Shiloh.



Called Out Of Darkness – My Testimony Of Salvation

I’ve gone through some pretty dark times in my life. Though the path to the darkest point began when my ex husband and I separated in 2004. I don’t know how to explain what happened to me. I grew up in church, living with my Mom and Grandparents who were Pastors. I knew all about salvation and the consequences of sin. Yet somehow how I found myself in the deepest pit of darkness without even knowing how I got there.

A few months before the separation I was sold out for Christ, but looking back I was allowing a lot of compromise to slowly come into my life. I began to make exceptions for circumstances and justify things that should have been recognized as sin. I became attached to people who were not following the Lord more than I should have. Just like the song by Casting Crowns, it was a slow fade.

On The Way To Hell In A BasketWithout even realizing it I had become one with the world. In the beginning I had guilt because I knew the way I was living was wrong, but it eventually was drown out with the overwhelming amount of new friends I had and the party life I was living. After residing in 2 different states for the prior 5 years where I had kept to myself, I was loving that I had a social life. While in the beginning I would hang out with these friends and not participate in the same things they did, over time I began to partake. In the beginning it was just flirting with sin, dabbling a little here and a little there. However, when I gave my ex husband custody over our 2 children due to my not being able to afford childcare so I could work to provide for them, I became emotionally broken.  I did everything but turn to Jesus. I wanted to numb what I was feeling.

80's PartyI turned into someone I didn’t even know. I dived in head first and was quickly spiraling downward. While I never did hard drugs, there were those that did around me. I became the ultimate party girl and if someone paid attention to me, I gave them anything they wanted. I spent money I didn’t have, drank every drink given to me (It was rare that I paid for my own drinks, no matter where I was),  picked up a lot of bad habits, and avoided anyone that would tell me I was doing wrong. I knew what I was doing was breaking God’s heart, but I didn’t want to have to deal with what was really happening: My life long dreams being crushed.

It’s a long story that would probably take a book to write, but even when I hit rock bottom, it didn’t stop. I just kept going. I lived in my mini-van with a man that repeatedly beat me, emotionally abused me, stole from me, and cheated on me for nearly a year. Only a few people knew my living situation, as I would still show up at my job looking like everything was fine. I painted a pretty picture for everyone and was always focused on giving everyone what they wanted, no matter what the cost would be to me.

Bob & Angie Schott

It was a few years before I turned back to the Lord. I had become agnostic and wanted nothing to do with any mention of Christ… That is until my Grandma died. A few days after she passed I had found out that the man I was in a serious relationship with that until then seemed like the most perfect soul mate for me had been lying to me about something that couldn’t be overlooked. I was now dealing with massive grief for 2 separate things. I had also recently been fired from a job that I loved and was barely making it as a temporary office assistant. I decided my only answer was to join the Army. I enlisted as quickly as I could and decided I was going to live it up until it was time to attend basic training. I barely ate as I had no money. I partied constantly. I gave almost everyone everything I could give them, no matter what it was. It was truly the darkest time of my entire life.

It wasn’t until a little over a month later when I met the man of my dreams, my true soul mate, and married him after just meeting him 3 days before that I turned back to Jesus and found salvation. What could have been the most impulsive and stupidest decision of my life was actually the best thing I could have done. I realized on our way home from eloping in Las Vegas that God’s hand was in my meeting my husband and that He still wanted me no matter what. For the first time in years I listened as God spoke to me as my groom laid sleeping in the passenger seat. It wasn’t an instant transformation though.

You see, I was so deep in darkness that it was quite a journey to find my way out. I had only a few Christians that had stayed in my life even though I had grown up in church surrounded by Christian family and friends. Everyone had written me off, and honestly, I don’t blame them. I felt shunned and not worthy to be in the presence of those that served the Lord.


1 Peter 2:9


Slowly, one by one, I became separated from people that were toxic to my relationship with the Lord. I began giving up things that were holding me back from growing in Christ. I kept pushing forward, even though some days I was certain that I would never be free from the chains that were holding me down, nor pure enough to be proven acceptable in the eyes of the Lord.

I am here to tell you that Jesus led me to find my way out. There was one scripture that I grew up hearing my Mom sing in church that would always come to mind as I was praying and became my anthem:


1 Peter 2:9

But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light:


That’s right, folks. HE called ME out of darkness. He beaconed me constantly, begging me to come closer. I finally made it into His marvellous light, praying all the way that He would remove me from the darkness no matter what it took. I lost so many “friends” and things that at the time seemed so important to me. To say it wasn’t difficult or painful would be a lie, but now those wounds are healed. Having Jesus means more to me than anything else in this world or what it has to offer.

Do you feel like you’re in darkness? Maybe you’ve turned your face back to Jesus, but still feel something holding you back. I’m here to tell you that you will come out of that pit if you just keep praying. Read your Bible as often as you can. Allow God to show you things that need to be removed from your life. Stop doing the things that you know are wrong. KEEP PUSHING THROUGH! God will take your hand and pull you closer to Him. Forgive yourself for the things you’ve done, as God has already not only forgiven you but forgotten everything you have done if you have asked Him to come into your life and admitted your sin with a sincere prayer. It may take time, but you will get there. I’m living proof…


Schott Family Minus Bob


Price Match Guarantee?

If you’re old enough, you may remember this commercial from the 90’s, where the kid from Last Action Hero and Heartland (I think that was the name of it…) goes into Circuit City because he bought a Walkman one week and it was advertised at a better price the next.

“Last week I bought this… and today I saw this…”

Words forever implemented into the brain of a child of the 90’s…

When it comes to our relationship with the Lord, we never have to worry about this. See, our souls are purchased with blood. There are no “sales”, “bids”, “rebates”, “coupons”, “economy versions”, or “upgrades”. The price of our soul does not change. What we were then, that is what we are today, and that is what we’ll be in the future: It is the same. Our value does not deteriorate like may things do in this day and age. We are still the most valuable to God!

Sometimes, when you are like me and have a past, it is easy to think, “Well, yeah, I can do good. But not near as good as Sis. So-and-so, they’ve never done anything wrong so obviously they are closer to God.” THIS IS NOT TRUE! Remember how the Bible says that the enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy? This is a PERFECT example. Don’t let him win!

You are valuable to God. Irreplaceable, as a matter of fact. You can do just as much for him now as any one else. Pray about it and seek God about what he wants you to do and then do it. You have a testimony and there are people out there who need your encouragement. Whether it’s going on the mission field, helping out at your church, or leading you children just follow the call of Jesus. You’ll be so glad you did!