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That’s Hot

Let’s face it. Mom’s were saying this looooong before it became Paris Hilton’s catch phrase. It’s more than just a statement. It’s a lesson. One that we have to teach our kids, some kids more than others. The stove? “Don’t touch it. That’s hot!” The campfire? “Stay away from there! That’s hot!” A fresh cup of coffee? “That’s hot. It’ll burn you.”

As our children are growing up, we have our own catch phrases. One-sentence life lessons that are repeated over and over and over. They are the same ones our parents used when we were kids and they’re more than likely the same ones our grand kids will hear one day.

Did you know that as our Heavenly Father, God has catch phrases of His own? You’ll find them all throughout His word. Simple lessons that are significant in the process of living our life. And just like our little ones, if we don’t heed our Father’s wise advice, we’re likely to get burned.

Take some time out this week to examine some of those catch phrases He’s provided for us. I bet you’ll find some lessons that are more valuable than gold.