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The Battlefield Of MY Mind

If you only knew!

Yes, I’m that person who has to fight really, really hard to not say whatever comes to my mind. My mind runs twenty-four/seven. I never know what I’m gonna be thinking of next. I scare myself sometimes.

Trying to stop my mind is easier said than done. I could dwell on 10 subjects at one time. I have a dry, sarcastic humor that some people just don’t get. I can find humor in the simplest things, even if it’s not meant to be funny or humorous.

For example, my sister and I were sitting at a funeral and they played a song that you would NEVER expect to be played. We had to FIGHT laughter so bad. We did not dare look at each other or we would have lost it. I was biting the inside of my mouth, pinching my leg, and yet, I could hold it no longer. I laughed. It’s was one of those times when you can’t stop and everyone is looking around and staring at you. Ugh…

Another instance, I’ll never forget was when my sister was sick one time and puking her guts up. I couldn’t get over the sound she made with each heave. I laughed every time she puked. I couldn’t help it and I was really trying not to be mean.

Sometimes, I’ll say something at random, not really for anyone to hear me. When someone says, “what?” or “what does that mean?”, I find myself having to explain, sometimes more than once because they don’t get it.

Don’t even get me started on church. You know when they call someone up to sing a special and they think that they are all that and a bag of chips? They start singing and your like, “wow! It doesn’t look like they would sound like that.” And their voice is uniquely different or just plain bad… I have a hard time not laughing. I don’t know why! It just bubbles on out.

When in Psalms, it said, “make a joyful noise unto the Lord,” I know that God had to know what He was getting in to.

Now, if He would help me get my thoughts under submission, and I know that it’s possible, I would be very grateful. Laughter is a great medicine to the soul, so I’m glad that I have the opportunity so often… I should be really healthy!

Be blessed and be a blessing!


Sticky Hands: What’s On Your Mind?

How many times do you go about your daily routine, doing what you need to do, but thoughts are constantly going through your head?  You can’t seem to focus on one thing at a time because of everything else going on in there.  Whether it’s people, things you have to do, something you did and now regret, or what you want to tell somebody.  It’s like my thought process is never ending!

Here I am, trying to fold clothes, while my mind is thinking, “I wonder what David will want for supper? What do I need to make? Did I tell Josie what she is supposed to do after school?  Do I have something else to do today/tonight that I forgot about?  I can’t believe what happened the other day!  Why did they say that about me?”


Have you noticed that it gets worse when you are trying  to pray or study?  That’s when the phone will ring. You will suddenly remember what it was that you forgot to do. Everyone needs something at one time.

Our focus becomes muddled with everyday distractions.  Not because we want it to, but because we are used to it and continue to allow it. We become subjected to our thoughts instead of our thoughts being under subjection to us.  God wants us in unity with Him when it comes to prayer time.  I understand all too well how hard that can be.

So I leave you with this encouragement, to strive to get one on One with God today.  Somehow, somewhere. To forget about everything else as you submit yourself to Him.  It’s your day of refreshing!


What You Talkin’ ‘Bout Willis?

While speaking this way to a Jackson or Drummond might be funny, probably not the best or most recommended way to speak to Jesus. Just sayin'...

I know, I know. I watch too many re-runs of “nostalgic” television…

Anyhoo, has anyone been hearing from God lately? Seems like when you need Him to speak the most, He is ever most silent. Not true though. Most people want to hear an audible voice so bad, that they miss out on the little things that God is trying to tell them. Then others just hear what they want to hear. If it’s not the answer they want, they didn’t “really” get an answer now did they?… hmmm


The Bible is God’s word; His life plans laid out for us to follow. He leaves visible answers to prayers for us everyday. It’s all in how you look at life and the situations that are given to us.
Which brings to mind a real life story of a boy, who was in an automobile accident. He received severe head trauma and such in this wreck. As he underwent several test, scans showed that he had large tumors on his brain that were life threatening. Since all of his test were done at a large children’s hospital, he was able to receive the immediate medical attention that he needed, so that he could have a full recovery. If the wreck had not happened, would he have been able to have that full recovery? Only God knows. But this accident was a blessing in disguise. It’s all how you look at it.
When Jesus told the leper to dip in the water 7 times, I can see him now saying, “say what? Did He just tell me to dip in the river?” It’s hard to believe that something so simple, could change your entire life. It’s like an “I could’ve had a V8” moment.
When God speaks, whether it’s audible, written, visible, or just the still small voice in your spirit man, don’t be surprised if it makes no sense whatsoever! You have to keep in mind that His thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways are not our ways. The wreck mentioned above, could be looked at as a sad situation, but God turned it around for the good of that family.
So if God gives you an answer that is unconventional, don’t say, “What You talkin’ ’bout God?” Just go with it. It’s for your own good! =)