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Review: Seed Sowers: Gospel Planting Adventures

Growing up in a Pastor’s home, I always loved when missionaries came to our church and shared stories of their time out on the field. Reading books about their journeys and experiences always fascinated me as well. So when I was given the opportunity to review Seed Sowers: Gospel Planting Adventures by Gwen Toliver, I was ecstatic!

 photo seedsowerslogo_zps88af9c02.jpg

This book certainly did not disappoint. In fact, I would say it was one of the most exciting and descriptive missionary books I have read yet. With 165 pages full of adventure just as the title states, the true stories of missionaries out on the field with the task of translating the Holy Bible into the native tongue of the people they are spreading the gospel to will keep you from wanting to put the book down! While some of the names and locations of those in the stories have been changed, each chapter is indeed a true story of a way that God has worked to help His children.

 photo seedsowers_zpsfab02814.gif

We used this book as a “family read aloud”, but I also went back and read it again alone so I could soak it all in. The kids seemed to be really interested in what they were hearing and even asked me a few times, “Is this for real? This stuff really goes on? Cannibals and witch doctors?” Yes, kids. It does go on, sadly. But as they listened on they realized that God was there all along, keeping His hand on those He had called. The stories make it clear that God made a way for those who were not only doing His work, but also those who needed to hear the Gospel.

 photo Rogercrossingvinebridge_zpse18f5088.jpg

In addition to hearing all about what God can do, the descriptions of the locations where these stories took place were amazing. Hearing about different parts of the world that we had never been to was really neat and a way for us to explore more geography than we usually would during the Summer time.

 photo image001_zps384ad08d.jpg

Gwen Toliver, a homeschool mom and blogger, could not have done a better job writing this book. She went to great lengths to share the stories of those who had given it all to share the love of Jesus with others. I am so thankful to her for her hard work on this project!

On top of all of the information available in the book, there are also photos on the Seed Sowers website where you can see the faces and places from the book. How cool is that?

 photo image002_zpsa0da42aa.jpg

Available for sale on the publisher’s website, you can purchase Seed Sowers: Gospel Planting Adventures for $12.50.


If you’d like to give your children a heart for those who need to hear the Gospel and be able to read the Word of God, I highly recommend this book. It will bless you to bits and introduce your family to having a heart for others.



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Review: Greene Bark Press

I’m one of those moms. You know, the kind that try not to be helicopter moms, but on the inside still want to jump out and protect their kid every second. I stand back and watch my kids as carefully as I can without smothering them. While placing them each in bubbles is tempting, I have not. The best way to ease my mind but give my children freedom is to teach them every aspect of safety that I can. So when I was given the opportunity to review the book Look Left, Look Right, Look Left Again from Greene Bark Press I was intrigued. A book about safety? Sounds good. But would it keep the kids’ attention? That it did!

 photo greenbarkpress_zps9eade074.jpg

Written by Ginger Pate and illustrated by Rhett Pennell, Look Left, Look Right, Look Left Again is a board book about a little duck named Wally. Wally is a lovable little character who wants to mail a card he has made to his Grandma, and eventually visit her. But to do that, he has to learn to cross the street properly. Wally’s mom helps him learn how to do this, guiding him a long the way with cute little phrases and corrections. The pages are full of color and eye catching illustrations, while the story includes sound effects for the reader to sound out. Not leaving out humor, the book drills the message of how to appropriately handle being a pedestrian in a few different scenarios home to young children, emphasizing the importance of safety.


 photo lookleftlookrightlookleftagain_zps08f68e39.jpg

 My children adore this book. Molly loves to help sound out the sound effects with me while pointing to the photos as Tommy pops in to finish the sentences. Yes, we have read it enough for them to memorize the book and they still want to keep reading it! Just today I heard Tommy say to Molly as they played, “Be sure to look left again for elephants!”

Greene Bark Press

If you have a young child this is a great book to add to your collection. It doesn’t seem preachy, dry, or boring at all. The kids love the story and it brings a great message. Priced at $8.50 and made with sturdy board, it would make a great book to keep in the car or stroller.



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Review: Reading Kingdom

For some children, learning to read with a book just isn’t enough. They need something that is more multi-sensory. With these kids, this might mean using an online program like Reading Kingdom to help them learn the skills they need.

Reading Kingdom logo photo readingkingdomlogo_zps9012735a.jpg

Whether your child is just starting out or has been struggling with learning to read for some time, Reading Kingdom can help teach your child to read and write at a 3rd grade level. By starting out with a very thorough assessment, the program knows exactly where to place your child and what challenges are necessary to help him or her thrive. By using colorful animations with fun sounds, most 4-10 year olds will feel like they are playing a game at times instead of actually learning.

Reading Kingdom screenshot photo readingkingdom4screenshot_zps4c5404a8.jpg

By covering sequencing, writing, sounds, meaning, grammar, and comprehension, Reading Kingdom helps children learn to read in a more balanced approach than phonics (sounds) alone. Parents are emailed regularly with updates on progress their child is making and can log in and see where their children are at, adjust the settings (I had to increase the response time for Tommy, as he needed a bit more time to find the keys on the keyboard.), and manage the readers. That’s right, you can have more than one child on your account! Being that it is a website where you log in and not a software, you are able to use Reading Kingdom on any computer making it extremely convenient. I loved that if needed I could send Tommy to my Mom’s for the day and he could still get some of his studies done, yet I would still know his exact progress as I could look at it online.

Reading Kingdom screenshot photo readingkingdom3screenshot_zpsc60cb6fc.jpg

While the program costs $19.99 a month for the first child, $9.99 for each additional (Or the annual plan of $199.99, $99.99 for each additional child.), Reading Kingdom is flexible in that they give you a 30 day free trial before you begin paying for the subscription. This way you will know if it is the right fit for your family before you commit to it financially.

Reading Kingdom screenshot photo readingkingdom1screenshot_zps12d9dd06.jpg

Tommy struggled a bit with this program in the beginning. However, once I fixed the response time and he became more familiar with the keyboard he began to like it. Overall, we really like this program and I believe it might be a really good fit for him. He’s quite fond of the little characters on the screen, making up little names for them and such. When he is congratulated for getting something right by the program, he says, “Why, thank you!”. Such a funny kid. It has really helped him with sequencing and sounds.

Reading Kingdom screenshot photo readingkingdom2screenshot_zps523e6256.jpg

If you’re looking for a different approach than you’ve tried in the past, or have a beginning reader that needs something a bit more visual, I would definitely recommend Reading Kingdom. If you do try it out, be sure to let me know!



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Schoolhouse Expo Is Less Than A Week Away!

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m rather excited for Schoolhouse Expo next week. As a matter of fact, I’ve already been making arrangements to attend by rescheduling appointments that would have fallen right in the time frame of attending. It wasn’t until today that I realized I didn’t have to! All of the sessions are going to be recorded and I can listen to them later if I can’t sit in on that exact session. I’m so ditzy, I baffle myself some times…


Schoolhouse Expo

Another reason I am ecstatic is because of the fact that where our family resides in Southern California, there are not a lot of opportunities to attend conventions and seminars about homeschooling. Sure, there are some, but we never have the money to attend the few here and all of the others seem to be on the other side of the country. More and more, I’m beginning to think we live on the wrong coast…


Most of all, this expo is happening at just the right time to get myself in gear. We will be starting school next month, and while it is on my mind and I’ve began making some notes, I’m not totally ready to begin planning. Folks, I haven’t even set our budget or made a list of what exactly we need. I know, I’m really cutting it close with procrastinating this! I believe Schoolhouse Expo is going to be just what I need to get excited and break out the planners, curriculum, and sticky notes and get to planning.


Will you be attending? It’s really easy. Like I said before, you can attend online and the cost is really affordable. All you have to do is go to SchoolhouseExpo.com and click on the button that looks just like the photo in this blog to purchase your “seat”. The Old Schoolhouse has really made this so very simple and affordable for all of us busy homeschool families. What a blessing they are to all of us! Hope to see you there!


Disclaimer: I was given a free ticket to Schoolhouse Expo in exchange for this post.


Review: Bible Study Guide For All Ages

About a month ago, a week or two after we began using Bible Study Guide For All Ages to review the Beginner Level Student Pages, Beginner Level Time Line, and the Children’s Song CD Set in our homeschool, I had sent my oldest daughter, Becca, and my middle son, Tommy, to church with my parents as I was not feeling well.  When they arrived home, before I had a chance to say anything, Becca went right into telling me how her little brother embarrassed her in Children’s Church. My first thought was “Oh no, what did he do…”, so with fear I listened her tell me how he interrupted the teacher several times.


 photo  logo_zpsd228aed3.png

Now, let me be clear that I am not condoning his behavior, and I was still embarrassed. (Melissa, if you’re reading this, I’m so sorry!) However, his reason for interrupting was because he was excited that he knew all the details of the story of Joseph that the lesson was detailing. From the Coat of Many Colors all the way up to Joseph becoming Pharaoh. After having a talk with Tommy on how impolite it is to interrupt our teachers, I walked away surprised. “He knows every detail of the story! Every single bit! Wow!


 photo beginner-student-pages_zps64c0234c.jpg

Intended for ages 3 – Kindergarten, Bible Study Guide For All Ages Beginner Level is a complete Bible Study that covers more than just a simple story with each lesson, but helps your child memorize Books of the Bible, each day of Creation, lineage of the Bible, and more. There is little prep work to be done for each lesson on your part, yet so much material is covered. The most I ever had to do to prepare for a lesson was to cue the songs on the CDs that were to be used that day or find a household object to bring to lesson time with me.


 photo beginner-time-line_zpsaf2ab713.jpg

Each day we began by pulling out the student page we would be using. It literally walked me through each step right there, instead of having to jump from place to place to know what needed to be done. First we would go through our Time Line cards that we hung around the room. These are 8 1/2 x 11 card stock pages that go through people and events in the Bible in the order they took place. We went through each of these each day that we did a lesson, adding a new card each day. Next, we would sing a few songs and memory drills along with the Children’s Songs CD, go over some memorization and simple questions about things we had already learned, and then I would do a little lesson that was mostly read from the page where I applied the story we were about to learn to present day. Once all of this was done, we jumped right into that days lesson.


 photo childrens-songs-cd_zps6d5f5503.jpg

Here is where it got really cool. The lesson is set out as if it were a comic strip, making it easy for little ones to follow along.At this point, I would read the story from the page and at the end of each segment there would be a little instruction for the child to color or mark the photo in one way or another.


Bible Study Guide For All Ages - Beginner's Time Line - Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven


At the end of the story, we would flip the page over and do a quick question and answer about what was going on in the photo. One example was a picture of little boy holding a glass behind his back as he told his dad that he didn’t know where his lemonade was. The question was if the little boy was lying. (Good luck to you if your child is like mine and quickly colors the glass a light shade of brown to make it Iced Tea so that the boy is not lying about not knowing where the lemonade is… 😉 )


Bible Study Guide For All Ages - Beginner Level Student Pages - Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven

Overall, our family LOVES Bible Study Guide For All Ages and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a thorough, Biblical, and easy approach to teaching the Bible to their children.

The Beginner Level Student Pages are $5.95 per unit. (26 lessons, you’ll need one for each child.)
The Beginner Level Time Line is $24.95. (You only need to buy this once, and only need one total.)
The Children’s Songs CD Set is $19.95. (This will only need to be purchased once as well.)




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5 Days Of Crafty Lessons: Makin’ A Craft Supply List, Checkin’ It Twice

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Today is day 4 in our 5 Days of Crafty Lessons series in the 5 Day Summer Blog Hop with the Schoolhouse Review crew. Don’t forget to read Days 1, 2, & 3 in our series as well!


angies (2)
There are so many things laying around your house right now that can be used for crafty lessons. Jars, styrofoam peanuts, scraps of fabric, buttons… This list could go on for hours.

Next time you go to through out an old spoon or another household item, stop and ask yourself: “Can I use this in any crafty lessons we will be doing soon?”

When you are walking through the dollar store, check every aisle you walk down: Fake flowers, toy bugs, glue, markers… the list goes on and on.

While making your lesson plans, and you know there are crafty lessons coming up, make notes of items you will need. Fur? Glitter? Pipe cleaners? Scrapbook paper? An old book? You may be amazed with what your imagination gives you to be in need of!

Never limit yourself. But don’t go crazy breaking the bank either. Use discount stores, remnant bins at fabric stores, clearance racks, etc. Most crafts are not going to be saved for more than a season, so there is no point in spending a fortune on them.

I hope you have found this series beneficial to your homeschool. It’s been a lot of fun to write!


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5 Days Of Crafty Lessons: An Easy – Peasy Crafty Lesson To Help Little Ones Understand Addition

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Today is day 4 in our 5 Days of Crafty Lessons series in the 5 Day Summer Blog Hop with the Schoolhouse Review crew. Don’t forget to read Days 1, 2, & 3 in our series as well!


angies (2)
This crafty lesson is a super easy one to do with your little one to help them understand addition. It doesn’t take much set up or clean up, and can be done in a few minutes or can be made longer to last over the course of a few days.


An easy - peasy Crafty Lesson to help little ones understand addition


To complete this craft, you will need the following supplies:


I began with this crafty lesson by writing “1” on a piece of felt with glitter glue. I then asked Tommy to find 1 foam sticker to put on the felt sheet. Once his 1 sticker was on the sheet, I then wrote “+2=” on the felt. Now I had him find 2 foam stickers and he applied them to the felt. I then pointed to the “1” sticker and the “2” stickers and said “1 + 2 =” and he counted up the stickers and exclaimed “3”! Sure, it came easily the first few rounds as we counted up to “8 + 2 =” before his little brother and sister woke up from nap, but the higher the numbers got the more he had to count, which is good for him. This was a good exercise to help him with his addition skills.

Use Felt, Glitter Glue, and Foam Stickers to teach addition

Once it was all done, and the sheets were all lined up, he informed me that he will be making a book out of his creations to help teach his little sister about adding numbers. I gotta tell ‘ya, that melted my heart.


Using A Crafty Lesson to help little ones understand Addition


Come back tomorrow for the 5th day of our 5 days of Crafty Lessons! I’ll be sharing a list of great, low priced supplies to keep on hand for use in crafty lessons.

What would you do with the felt sheets once the crafty lesson was completed? Do like Tommy plans to and make a book, or would you do something else? Maybe include them in a busy bag or quiet book? I’d love to know!


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5 Days Of Crafty Lessons: Using Basic Supplies To Explain How A Plant Grows And Some Thoughts

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Today is day 3 in our 5 Days of Crafty Lessons series in the 5 Day Summer Blog Hop with the Schoolhouse Review crew. Don’t forget to read Days 1 & 2 in our series as well!

With this post I want to add some thoughts, and then we’ll get into another crafty lesson.


angies (2)
When lesson planning, sometimes we as parents get excited. We are certain that this crafty lesson is going to cause our children to suddenly catch every little detail of what we are trying to convey, when usually that is just not likely. Grasp the majority of the lesson? Probably. All? Not usually. Don’t be upset if you have to go over it all again in different ways a few more times before they “get it” completely.

Another problem that can come up is that in our imagination, we have this grand idea of how this craft is going to come out. It’s going to be just perfect and the kids are going to love doing every bit of it. Keep in mind, it is a child doing the craft, not a 22 year old art major. Let them use their imaginations, let them do it not so perfectly, and most of all, encourage them if there is a part of the craft that is tedious and they just want to give up. If they push through, the next step is most likely fun and they’ll forget they were ever upset.

If the above 2 paragraphs are not remembered, you can quickly become discouraged and feel like you’ve wasted a lot of time. I’ve seen it happen with others and myself as well. Just keep on going, remember you are the best teacher your child can have… and some kids just don’t like crafts. There’s nothing wrong with that.


How to teach using CRAFTY LESSONS Exploring education with a craft


Now, for today’s craft. This is one of those where in my mind it looked completely different from the way it came out, but it’s not my craft. It’s Tommy’s craft. So of course, it looks very unique. It’s not bad, and it got the lesson across. The lesson is what matters. Not the project. (Kind of like yesterday’s funny looking little mail man. That was NOT what I expected either. HA!)

Creating an example of how a seed grows into a plant:


Creating an example of the growth cycle of a flower


For this craft, the supplies were:


What you'll need for your child to create an example of a seed growing into a flower


Tommy and I have read books and I’ve tried drawing for him the process of planting a seed and it growing into a plant, flower, tree, vegetable, etc. He grasped some of it, but was still having trouble understanding it. One day last week I was putting some blocks of packing styrofoam and boxes in to the garage to be thrown out when I suddenly had an idea. I pulled one of the blocks out, cut off one of the ends, scooped a hole with an ice cream scoop on the top and another hole on the side. Then I placed it aside meaning to come back to it right away, but instead waited until the last possible minute, hence this being posted today instead of yesterday. (I do stuff like this frequently. I’m the worst procrastinator. It is my worst habit, for sure.)

A few days later, I came back to my block of styrofoam. I painted the front and sides brown along with the hole in the top. The top I painted green. (I left the back alone.)


Paint a block of styrofoam and use it as an example to explain the cycle of a seed growing into a flower to your child


The only reason I did this step without Tommy was because I knew he would not handle having to wait until the paint dried to move on to the next step. He did, however, catch me painting and asked what I was making. I just told him it was a surprise for school and he would find out soon.

Once we were ready to do our lesson, I sat down with Tommy and explained the whole process. I began by telling him that we were going to be silly and pretend that some of our craft supplies were things found in nature. He “planted” the seeds into the holes by gluing them in… but would not let us move on to the next step until we covered the hole back up with pretend dirt. So for 2 minutes, we used “shovels” and filled the holes with imaginary dirt. THAT was when I knew this crafty lesson was going to be a hit!


Plan a crafty lesson to have your child create an example of the growth cycle of a flower


Next I told him that a seed needs 3 things to grow: good soil (He pointed out that we already had that, smart alec.), water, and sunlight. So we made a stand with pipe cleaners for our pretend rain to fall from, tore up a bunch of little pieces of tissue paper, taped the tissue paper to the string, and tied the string to the pipe cleaners… but not before he used an imaginary watering can to put water on the seed himself.

Now, of course, we needed a sun! Again, we made a stand from pipe cleaners, but this time we made a circle at the top and inserted a yellow pom pom.

With our seed receiving plenty of water and sunlight, our seed was beginning to grow. He literally said, “Now I get it” which was SO stinkin’ cute and relieving! He made a little sprout from a pipe cleaner and put it in the styrofoam. Then he asked how it would become a flower… I told him it takes time, but eventually our little sprout would keep growing and it would bloom into a beautiful flower. He chose which pipe cleaners he wanted to use for his flower and with a little help from me created a gorgeous little stem and petals. Next he glued a pom pom to the center of the flower and inserted it into the styrofoam.

When it was all done, he was so proud of his creation. I asked him to tell me what each piece was and what was happening with each step. Even hours later he still had it all down pat. SUCCESS!!!

As we sat and enjoyed his little artwork, we read Planting a Rainbow, Jack’s Garden, The Tiny Seed (World of Eric Carle), How a Seed Grows (Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science 1). It was a wonderful time of learning for him, teaching for me, and spending time together as a whole. We made some lasting memories with this lesson. That’s one of the many reasons I love homeschooling!


Reading children's books about gardening after a crafty lesson on how plants grow


While reading this series, have you come up with any ideas for Crafty Lessons? Are you enjoying these posts or do you find them silly? Should I consider making this a weekly link up? I’d love to know!


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5 Days Of Crafty Lessons: Explaining What Happens To Mail With Pipe Cleaners

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This really wasn’t supposed to be today’s crafty lesson. The paint on the other lesson was taking WAY too long to dry, so we had to move right along… I really should have done all of these lessons LAST week. Lesson learned! Be more organized! Now you know why today’s post is so late… Sorry!

angies (2)

Tommy has been writing letters back and forth with Emily’s little girl, Adah. It was important to both Emily and I that our children learn to write letters and have pen pals, so this worked out great. These two hilarious little kids have been writing letters to each other for quite a few months now, so I thought it was time to explain to Tommy what exactly happens to the letters he sends to Adah.


Explaining The Mail System With Pipe Cleaners


The supplies we used were:

First we began by writing a letter. As soon as the letter came to an end, I asked Tommy “Where do you think this letter will go? How will it get to Adah?” He replied “Francis (our mail lady) will take it to her.” I went on to explain that while, yes, our mail lady will take it from our home, it will take a process to take to Adah that our mail lady isn’t involved in. Whether riding in a truck or on a plane, it has to get across the country some how. Once it arrives there it has to be sorted and take a couple other short rides before Adah’s mail person delivers it to her house.

As we were discussing this, we cut the letter into strips. Taping each strip to each other, we made one long strip of paper.

How To Teach The Mail System Using Pipe Cleaners

With the strip we created a scroll by winding the strip of paper up around one pipe cleaner.


Using A Craft To Teach What Happens To Mail


Once the scroll was created, we made a belly, head, arms, and legs for our little mail man, and then attached it all together by just winding the ends of pipe cleaner around another pipe cleaner.


How To Use Pipe Cleaners To Teach What Happens To Mail

Once all of that was done, we topped it off by inserting a pom pom into the head piece for a face and then gluing on some eyes.


Make A Mail Man To Teach About The Mail System


Before going into a (rather LARGE) envelope for Adah, our little guy made his way around the house on a little toy truck. Now our mail man is off and on his way to Adah, where he will deliver the letter Tommy wrote for her.


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Review: BrainFood Learning – The Fascinating World Of Birds

Sometimes when teaching our children, they just need to “see” what we are trying to convey to them instead of only listening to us talk or reading it from a book. Other times, we get tired of them watching the same uneducational programs and movies over and over, and we wish there was something interesting for them to watch and absorb instead. Recently, our family was given the opportunity to review a DVD from BrainFood Learning. For our family it was the solution to both of the scenarios listed above.


 photo 31477_411332758959489_253604783_n_zps2cd64016.png

The particular DVD we received was The Fascinating World of Birds. In this DVD children of all ages, and even parents, can learn many incredible facts about birds of all kinds. Covering everything from molting to why ostriches eat rocks, this DVD will intrigue both you and your children with gorgeous video and photographs.

Some examples of topics our family learned about and were fascinated about are what gizzards are for, how nests are built, different types of food that different types of birds eat, facts about migration, why birds that swim or don’t fly have wings, how long geese stay with their mates, and more. The title of this DVD is not an exaggeration. It is truly fascinating. Even I learned quite a bit of facts I didn’t know or had forgotten!

The birds covered in this DVD are ostrich, penguin, Cnad Goose, owl, hummingbird, woodpecker, macaw, pelican, American Robin, and eagle.

We watched this DVD quite a few times and all seemed to find something we had missed the times we had viewed it before. The children never seemed bored watching it, and even Molly who is only 2 sat still for most of it.

 photo birds_front_500__461681322240558300400_zpsc2153c21.jpg

The DVD comes with an option to have a review of the information that is contained in the DVD play immediately at the end of the movie, or played separately from the DVD menu. There is a section of the review for early learners with flash card type questions and answers. There is also a section for older learners that includes questions with multiple choice answers. It was fun to watch Tommy and Becca try to see who could answer the questions correctly first.

One other really cool thing, that is a recent addition to this product, is a set of free lesson plans on the BrainFood website that covers a few subjects. Using this DVD and the lesson plans, you could easily have a Unit Study on birds!

At the price of $14.99, this DVD is quite affordable. Especially for the amount of information packed into it. If your children are interested in birds, you are planning a study on birds, or would like to build your educational DVD collection, then I would highly recommend purchasing this amazing resource.



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