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Unforgiven – Song Of The Week

You know what’s amazing? When we honestly seek God for forgiveness, He gives it instantly. However, we are much harder on ourselves.

As humans, we tend to live in guilt brought on by our wrong doings. And satan, being the accuser, is constantly trying to bring up this or that. But when God forgives, He casts our sins as far as the east is to the west. When we’re beating ourselves up for past mistakes, God is saying, “I don’t even know what you’re talking about.”

It’s time for us to realize just how truly amazing our God is and to begin living a forgiven life.



Crabb Revival

I’m tired of living here in this place

Where sins are looked down on, never washed away

I’m always running from debts already paid

I’m tired of living unforgiven

I’m letting go of old regrets

How many times can I take back words I said

And there are some I never will forget

But I’m tired of living unforgiven

I’m layin’ down my pain with the other broken souls

And this time, I’ll leave it all behind me when I go

I’m washing my hands where the healing water flows

I’m tired of living unforgiven

I’m not denying who I’ve been

I’m just confessing who I’ll never be again

And I’m walking away from the grave of that man

I’m tired of living unforgiven