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With This Ring

Way before the ring was bought
and before the question was asked
God brought forth a man and woman
And then began a task

The roads were paved to lead the way
So a marriage could take place
God knew every detail
He could see her smiling face

He put her path before the man
And said that they shall wed
He knew what He was doing
Before the vows were even read

The ring may symbolize their love
When placed upon her hand
But God must be the center
To carry out His plan

And what God has put together
Let no man tear apart
For seeds were planted long ago
In this man and woman’s heart

A lifetime of new memories
Are starting on this day
New dreams of Chris and Brandi
As they follow in God’s way

For with this ring placed on her hand
A promise has been made
A road to life planned out by God
A foundation has been laid

And with the vow and “I do’s” said
And a kiss to seal the day
The two are united now as one
As they follow in His way

And as the days turn into years
May they know their in God’s plan
For He was there long before
The ring was placed upon her hand

Written by Diania for her niece, Brandi, and her husband, Chris, who were wed on April 15th, 2012