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Another Guilty Pleasure… YUM!!!

I’ve never really been big on eating strawberries.  They’ve always been a little to tart for my liking. My husband and 2 of my children love them.  For years, my husband has cut up strawberries into a bowl, covered them in sugar, then let them “marinate” in the refrigerator overnight.  We’ve been married 15 years this May, and I had yet to try them that way ’til recently.  Boy did he make a mistake.  I love them that way!  I find myself wanting them all of the time!

One of my friends actually just suggested another strawberry snack, but I haven’t had time to try it yet.  She said to put real whipped cream in one bowl and brown sugar in another.  Dip the strawberry first in the cream, then in the brown sugar and eat.

I hope to visit a local berry farm before this week is over.

‘Tis the season for strawberries!