The Ultimate Guide To The Second Trimester Of Pregnancy: 10 Moms Share Tips And Advice


The Ultimate Guide To The Second Trimester Of Pregnancy: 10 Moms Share Tips And Advice

Ahh, the second trimester of pregnancy… You’re not too big to be completely uncomfortable, your bladder gets a little break, nausea may (or may not) have lessened, and people can usually actually tell that you are pregnant by just looking at you instead of assuming that maybe you’ve just put on a little weight. Can you tell I loved the second trimester? ūüėČ


The Ultimate Guide to the Second Trimester of Pregnancy - 10 Moms share tips and advice - Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven


Before sharing our guide, I would like to apologize. When I wrote the Ultimate Guide To The First Trimester of Pregnancy, Stephanie and Shani were a few weeks into their second trimester. Both ladies have now had their babies. In fact, those babies are a few months old. Oops! I had every intention of getting this series completed over the summer, and life got in the way. Since then, it has been a bit hectic. Sorry!

What do the 10 experienced Moms from Sticky Hands Mommy Panel have to say about the second trimester of pregnancy? Quite a bit more than we thought we would. I think that may be a running theme with us though. HA!


Please note that NONE of us are medical professionals. Contact your doctor or midwife for official medical advice before trying something that we suggest.

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What do we feel that you can not go on without knowing? Did we miss anything? Read through and then share with us in the comments!


The Ultimate Guide To The Second Trimester of Pregnancy

  • ¬†You may still have morning sickness.¬†– And if you do, we are so sorry. If only our bodies could get the memo that the first trimester is over and the second trimester has begun. But nooooo… it has to just do what it wants. For some it may still end soon, for others it will last until the baby is born. Continue doing what you and your doctor feel is right for you as far as treatment of the symptoms. Feel free to drop us a line here or on our Facebook page to ask for prayer. You have our full sympathy.
  • Was that gas, or did the baby just move? – That first wiggle or kick that you feel may not be obvious. If this is your second baby, it may not even feel like it did the first few times you felt your previous babies move. On the other hand, it may be really obvious. You may feel it as early as 11-12 weeks or as late as 18-20 weeks. I felt my oldest baby move at 12 weeks and went on to have another baby later that I wasn’t really sure I was feeling them until about 15 weeks. It all depends on where your placenta is located, how baby is positioned, the baby’s size, if your baby is very active or calm, etc. Don’t stress if you’re not feeling your baby move yet. But for peace of mind, ask your doctor about it at your next appointment. It never hurts to ask!
  • Even if you try to scare your baby, they will still have hiccups. –¬†I actually once met someone who attempted that. Don’t YOU attempt it though. Not only is the theory that scaring someone to get rid of hiccups false, but I don’t think you can actually scare a fetus from the outside. (Am I really writing this?) Anyway, yes, you may be feeling your baby’s hiccups. Some of my babies never had them, others did. One had them all the time. They can get annoying if they are constant and you are trying to sleep, but they will eventually go away. When kicks, wiggles, and hiccups get to be a little too much and you want to relax, try having a glass of water, moving around a bit, and then resting. A few months from now, none of this will work and your baby will kick you hard just as you are beginning to snore. (Oh, yeah, you may begin snoring now, too. We won’t tell anyone if you don’t…)
  • Making lists, checking them twice, and then adding more to them… and where did all of this energy come from?¬†– If nesting hasn’t hit yet, it will soon. Nesting is one of those things about pregnancy I miss the most. You may have been someone who was never organized but now feel the need to label everything in the house. Try not to over do it by doing something that would not be safe for you or baby. However, if this is your first, this may be your last chance to clean¬†your entire house in one session and keep it that way for more than 2 minutes. As long as you are not hurting anyone, go for it. Just remember to take breaks.
  • Maternity clothes are nothing to be afraid of.¬†– Many of us are excited to finally be able to walk into the maternity boutique and pick something out while also enjoying the bags of barely used clothes from our friends and family. For some reason the idea of wearing maternity jeans was something we looked forward to from the day we found out they existed. For others, it may seem bizarre and unnecessary. However, our friends that held out and refused to try maternity clothes until their second or third pregnancies quickly stated that they wished they had just given in with that first pregnancy. I can not emphasize how much easier these items are on function and comfort. Everything stays covered and doesn’t hurt. Try and see if you can borrow some items from friends and hit up consignment shops as it is a bit pricey to buy an entire wardrobe to wear for only a few months. (And if you outgrow something, don’t pass it on immediately. You may need it during the first few weeks of your postpartum period… or you can be like Joey on Friends and pull those pants out on Thanksgiving every year. One of us might do that, I’m not saying who though…) If you were to only have 5 items of maternity clothes, I would suggest a good pair of pants, 2¬†long camis or tank tops, a sweater or jacket depending on the season, and a dress or skirt.¬†Some of my favorite items were found at Target/Walmart/Kmart during clearance sales for very cheap! (As in less than $10.)
  • Hello, boobs… and what is THAT?! – You’ve probably already noticed a ton of changes in your breasts. I’m just going to go ahead and say what you’ve probably heard from your mom or best friend: get a good bra. Go try one on and make sure it has some elasticity in the cups so that as you grow you will remain supported. (Again, my favorite maternity/nursing bras were mostly at Target and Walmart, though a few of them were from Motherhood Maternity. Believe me, I looked everywhere as I was really uncomfortable. Who knew the best ones were just down the street at the mini mall?) All of that being said… you may start leaking a little colostrum now. If you don’t, that’s okay, too. Go ahead and get some nursing pads so that you have them on hand. Put a few in your purse, too. Just when you thought you didn’t have to carry any pads around, this happens. I know… But it’s worth it to save the embarrassment. During this phase washable pads are probably best as you won’t really be leaking enough to get your money’s worth out of the disposable ones.
  • Ouch! Was that a contraction? Is everything okay? – If you are ever unsure of any pain you are experiencing, call your doctor or midwife. There is so much going on in your body that it probably isn’t labor, but it’s always best to be safe. Braxton Hicks contractions can take you by surprise and may even cause you to catch your breath, but if they stop after a couple glasses of water and some rest you are likely okay. You may also experience pain due to stretching of your round ligament muscle. Pain can also come on from your pelvis and hips expanding. It can be intense! When this happened to me, I began wearing a maternity belt and found a surprising amount of relief, especially from the round ligament pain. (And that discomfort for some reason gets worse with each pregnancy. I was surprised with my 3rd when my doctor told me that I will probably experience more pain and discomfort, but she was right. I did!) If you feel at all uneasy, call your medical provider. If you leak any type of fluid, call your medical provider on the way to the ER. If your Braxton Hicks are causing pain and not stopping, call your medical provider. Never second guess your intuition. It’s better to feel silly for making a phone call than to not check at all. Trust me.
  • Take the time now to read up on labor and breastfeeding. – I’m a big nerd. I could never read enough about labor and delivery. Even after my first baby was born, and actually before I was ever pregnant. It just fascinated me. I can’t even remember how many books I had, but it was a lot. I even had a computer software that was a Lamaze/Bradley class. Of all of them, I remember my favorites being¬†The Birth Book by Dr. Sears and Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn¬†by Penny Simkin. If you plan on breastfeeding, some great books that I enjoyed are, surprise, The Breastfeeding Book¬†by Dr. Sears and¬†So That’s What They’re For! by Janet Tamaro. When you are prepared and know what to expect, etc, it dissolves so much of the fear of what will happen. If you know that this thing is going to happen when that other thing happens, you don’t panic. When you know that your baby isn’t starving, but is actually going through a growth spurts and needs to eat a bit more than usual, you aren’t feeling like a failure. Knowledge: It’s a good thing! The more you know…
  • People may want to touch your belly or tell you their horror stories. – If this bothers you, nicely ask them not to do these things. For some reason everyone thinks that a pregnant belly is a community property and that the mother needs to hear every single persons battle saga. Neither are true. If you enjoy it, fine. If you don’t, then let others know that you just can’t handle it. You don’t have to give excuses, but do please be nice… because we all know that hormones can come out in our tone of voice. (Then again, if the person is pushy, that may not be a bad thing… ūüėČ )


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