Why So Sticky?

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Sometimes it’s not just our hands that are sticky, but our hearts as well. Raise them anyway! Cheesy, I know. I live for cheese… which ironically is sticky when melted.

Published in August 2011

I don’t know about you, but for the entire duration of my life as a Mom thus far I’ve had a lot of sticky stuff on my hands. And no, I’m not talking figuratively (though I’ll get to that in a moment…) I mean literally. Pee, poop, puke, breast milk, formula, baby food, sticky medications, peanut butter & jelly, spaghetti sauce, slobber, hair products, granola bars, diaper ointments, mud, sap, smashed fruit snacks, juice, & the list goes on & on. Any given day in this house you will find me standing at the sink meticulously lathering up my hands to wash away the “sticky” only to find myself there again… Sometimes within 30 seconds! As though I have time for this, right?

(Here comes the figurative, you were warned!)

I have 5 children, & while my older 2 do not live with me most of the year, I do have 3 that are ages 3 & under in my home full time. In addition to raising my children there is maintaining a relationship with my husband who has a demanding job, keeping up with the house to the best of my ability, keeping as much contact with my older 2 children as possible, homeschooling my son for preschool, meeting social responsibilities & needs, playing with the kids, scheduling & remembering doctor’s appointments, & once again the list goes on & on.

Sometimes as Moms, we need to learn to just stop & make time for God no matter where we are. I know, I know, it’s HARD. You’re overwhelmed, sleep deprived, hungry, & can not remember the last time you showered. I get it. But hear me out for a second:

  • What are you teaching your children?
  • Will they grow to make God a priority?
  • And what about you? What about the peace that comes from knowing all is right between you and God?

Obviously, in my stating this, making time for God is something I’ve struggled with also. It wasn’t until one day when I just wanted to read my Bible & pray but unable to find the time I stopped what I was doing & lifted my hands: “I give up God! I don’t have to have near silence with soft worship music playing to praise you. I don’t think nap time for the kids is going to happen today, & I’m certain I will not find a moment alone. I’ll just do it now! Accept me as I am, with my messy hair, dirty clothes, loud kids, & sticky hands!” Let me tell you, life has been SO much easier & now I find my children praying more openly also! Please, don’t think I’m perfect. My house is VERY lived in, I can’t remember the last time my hair wasn’t in a pony tail or headband, I’m not sure I remember what make up is, & if you catch me on a bad day watch out. I’m extremely human. However, I feel led to share what God shares with me with all of you, & I hope you will share with us also.

Now, while this blog is mostly focused on motherhood, you don’t have to currently have children underfoot to join in. Expectant mothers, noncustodial mothers, step mothers, grieving mothers, future mothers, grandmothers, mothers of grown children, etc are all welcome! I think this is something that applies to everyone, actually. So if you happen to be reading & feel like something pertains to you, feel free to jump right on in.

Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings!

God bless,


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